Everyone is Welcome

Divine Faith Ministry is a Non-denominational church that does not quench the Holy Spirit; a church filled with the Word of God because knowing and obeying the Word will bring blessings to your life.  We invite you to come and praise the Lord with us; come and see what God has done.  You will have something to sing about, pray about, and share the good news with others.  When the Word of God controls your life, you will be joyful, thankful, and submissive (Colossians 3). 
If you do not have a Church home or not in a Bible teaching Church; consider Divine Faith Ministry  Church in Petersburg, VA ( Church near Fort Lee, VA) and take one step at a time. Pastor Wilbert L. Watson, Co-Pastor Estell Watson and Church congregation will help you take the first step. Regardless of your past, current condition or circumstances we want you to live your life with a divine purpose.   Rejoice in the Lord; not your circumstances. All God asks is that we are clean, empty and the Lord says, I will make my people strong with power from me!"... Wherever they go; they will be under my personal care" (Zechariah, 10:12). God cares for you and we atDivine Faith Ministry Church are bound to God's Word to take the time and care for you. Our divine purpose and mission is to lead people to Christ, and rejoice while doing. Please join us and be on the winning team that will receive the prize that counts; make yourself available to serve God in Spirit, and in Truth. Don't be a victim of laziness and excuses you will later regret; experience the fullness of God.

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